Design Process

Design Process

Consultation: To begin the process it is important to sit down and get to know each other, I want you to feel completely comfortable to discuss your expectations, wants and needs for your future space. It is important that I create a space that you will be happy with and I can only do that with your honest opinions and openness into your life. For clients that are not quite sure what they want, I have many different inspirational books that you can look through to help decipher a direction. Also includes measurements of existing space, notation of specific existing features, discussion of budget and before pictures.

Space Planning & Design: Function before Aesthetics. Before we can choose the colors and furniture for the room, I take your list of wants, needs & expectations and create a design that is functional and will meet the requirements and needs of you and your family. Presentations: I will present my drawings and ideas for the space to you. These meeting times will be used for collaborative efforts to help me to make any functional design adjustments necessary to better the design and when we will discuss the aesthetics preferred based on the exact future space.

Selections: Once the design is complete, is when the fun begins. This is when we will begin selecting all of the interior selections and really nail down the aesthetic details for your future space. The goal is to complete this process before any installation and construction begins. Final Approval of all designs and selections will be signed off at this time. Installation and

Construction: This is the time frame when any demolition, construction and installation will take place with a watchful eye. I will be there every step of the way to make sure you are completely comfortable with everything going on.


Furnishing & Last Touches: Once any or all construction or installation is complete, moving furnishings and accessories into the space will be the final, homey touch. This is when you will see the entire space pull completely together. Assistance with the purchasing of furniture and furnishings is available for all clients.

After pictures will be taken at this time to show the true transformation of your home or space.

Smaller Project Process: 

Each smaller project works differently, but along the same lines of a larger project. Everything is based around your wants, needs and time frame. I want you to feel completely comfortable that I will help you to achieve the space of your dreams. My interior design services can transform your home as extensively as you would like. Simple adjustments such as paint can change your atmosphere drastically and make it an environment that you want to spend more time in. It is normal to want to change your home environment occasionally, this is the place where you spend a majority of your personal time. If you have questions as to how this can be done on a strict budget, please call Lauren @ (816) 304-4720.